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Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. is not the only company that provides sprinkler design it is also going to be involved in the overall process of complete the cycle of the project from initiating stage to the closing stage by offering the estimation and inspection services along with project management services which will reduce the time and the cost of the customer and will minimize the communication channels to deal with more than one person to deliver the project.

"At Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. we do what we do because we believe that the life of a human is precious" 

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Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. was established on March 10, 2019, and is 100% Canadian owned.


The business of Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. is to design, estimate, inspect and manage the projects (if required) of the fire protection system.


Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. business plan, owner, training and high-quality work procedures have all been modeled on excellence in customer service.


Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. performs design, estimation, inspection, certification and project management as needed for all fire sprinkler systems in commercial, industrial and residential in Edmonton and the rest of Alberta.


Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. develops long term relationships with our customers to ensure that their fire systems are compliant and the risk to occupants is minimized.


Inspection and certification are carried out in accordance with the applicable Alberta Standard and regulation and as per building and fire code.


Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. plays an active role in building, improving and training of the industry and our own staff so they may understand and effectively use the standards that apply to your site.


Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. team are experienced in design, estimate, inspect and manage in compliance of all essential fire systems required across residential, commercial, industrial, government & infrastructure.


Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. provides a direct point of contact in our office and allocates one of the multi-skilled leading engineers for our customers.


Benefits working with Modern Mechanical Engineering Ltd. are:


  • One-stop shop so you don’t need to have more communication channels to manage the design of your project from initiating phase to the closing phase.

  • There is reduced risk & liability through more effective compliance management.

  • Our open feedback policy prevails- please tell us what we can do better.

  • Your direct point of contact will find the answer for you-no chasing required.